Omaha Market Updates

2019 Omaha Market Outlook: Record-Breaking, Resilient, and Consistently “Nebraska Nice”

There has been a well-kept secret in the form of this booming Midwestern metro area as of late: a stable job market, growing tech sector, and events such as the College World Series as well as the #1 zoo in the nation have bolstered Omaha's popularity. The housing market during 2018 absolutely continued the “whirlwind romance” that has been happening in Omaha for six years straight, as the market has been gradually climbing. Many new home buyers and those who are poised to sell will absolutely enjoy the many benefits of doing so during this robust and profitable time.

As housing experts have taken a close look at Nebraska and Omaha in particular, they have determined that millennials are absolutely tired of paying too much for rent. This means that they are looking to buy instead, which is resulting In a very positive push to hesitant sellers eager to get their home on the market. For a population that has grown 14% during the past seven years, the...