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Letting Go and Letting Kids Be Kids

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In a world full of social media perfection, unrelaistic expectations and contant comparision - I sometimes find it hard to let my kids just be kids. Too often I find myself cluttering our lives with elaborate activities, events and commitments because I tuly want my kids to have great experiences. But, then once we are in the thick of it I am miserable because I can't let go of what I want the outcome to be. How I want the project to turn out. What their behaviour should be.

Here in Nebraska, we have finally started the transition into my favorite time of year, Fall! On the way home from church, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some items for lunch and outside were the pumpkins. The kids eyes lit up and they begged to get their pumpkins for the year. Equally as excited, I quickly said yes and we proceeded to pick out the perfect pumpkins for each child. 

We checked out and headed back to the car and began talking about how we would decorate our pumpkins... and that is when the magic of the season started to wear off. I began thinking about the last five years of pumpking carving and it went a little something like this:

Kids pick out the elaborate design for the pumpkin

Mom has to clean the pumpkin because no one likes the way the guts feel

Mom carves pumpkin because the kids can't be trusted with sharp objects and they would undoubtadly cry as soon as they messed up the design

Mom spends the next three hours painstakingly carving the pumpkins while the kids are off doing something completely different

Mom finally finishes and we go out to put a candle in it - the kids start crying because they decided they wanted a different design

Mom seasons and bakes the pumpkin seeds...

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