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Holiday Activity Alert; Haunted Safari at Henry Doorly Zoo

This time of year is prime for seeking out activities themed for the season, all ages, and that truly have a fun appeal for everyone. The zoo we have here in Omaha is already ranked world class, and many events and exhibits that are already here are totally awesome. The Haunted Safari is coming up October 10th and 11th, and includes a hot dog supper, playing ghost-themed games for candies, and roasting marshmallows in true Halloween adventurer or camping tradition. This event is located in the Wildlife Safari Park off I80 at exit 426 near Ashland, a perfect outdoor and sprawling setting.

This area right between Lincoln and Omaha is in a perfect location for families driving up to the spooky event from either city, and this is one of the most lush and scenic areas in Nebraska. Dressing warm will definitely be of high priority for this, as you don’t want to end up uncomfortably cold and chilly! Exploring prairies, wetland areas, and seeing things the way Lewis and Clark saw on their expeditions years ago will absolutely be much more fun in the haunted evening theme of this Safari. As harvest time arrives and the wolves, bears, and birds in this sanctuary are prowling around in the cool night air, this is the best time for the kids to daydream about the trick or treating they will do in a few weeks. It’s the perfect prelude to wet their appetite for more costumes, cemeteries, and frightening film viewing over the rest of this ghoul-themed month.

Tickets for this event are 15$ for Safari Park and Zoo members, and 20$ for non members....

Omaha’s Living Room; A Premiere Flexible Use Area with Class

This area for events that used to be a furniture factory is one prime spot in the north downtown corridor for your corporate or family happenings. Dashed with a touch of what you’d find in Chicago, Denver or Minneapolis as far as appearance, its urban charm appeals to the 2-450 guests it can hold. The window style, rugged brick, and timbers exposed from the ceiling are going to win you over for the next wedding in your family. The parking lot holds 300 cars, and with 3500 square feet of space, your ceremony will really seem complete, as will preparation duties in the kitchen equipped with a double sink, commercial fridge and freezer, and ice maker. Top of the line media equipment will make your memory reel or corporate presentation jump off the wall, and this location is perfect to occupy during the College World Series for a party or themed get together.

Available for your evening of fun are 300 chairs, 33 30” cocktail tables, 10 five ft round tables, 30 6 ft round tables, and 20 8 ft. rectangle tables. Alcohol is allowed on the premises, but as of this time there is not a liquor license to sell within the building. There are dressing rooms onsite with showers, and you can enjoy an outdoor landscaped area to have a portion of your ceremony outside if you wish. Having a cocktail party for a birthday or holidays can be one of the best family or friend events of the...

Junkstock Omaha; the October Oasis of Salvageable Goods

Taking place on a picturesque dairy farm outside Omaha, this one of a kind and very artisanal inspired event is for the discerning art addict, and truly is full of anything but what we would categorize as junk. October 10, 11, and 12 of this year, this dairy farm will be alive with the sights and sounds of happy show goers looking at custom crafts and merchandise. This is the kind of event that anyone artistic or musical yearns for, with the outdoor vibe and great talent at hand. Meeting vendors and individuals that have a passion for creating goods above the norm and connecting with a new customer are highlights of Junkstock, a premiere event to cruise around on foot and be seen at. The musical talent here alone is a grand slice of the top of what this hip and burgeoning music scene has to offer.

Brad Howshaw, master of the Acoustic and hard folk genre, Sarah Benck, Midwest Dilemma, Scott Severin, Banjo Loco, Ska sensation The Bishops, Matt Cox Band, and The Waterfront Blues Band are among the choices for talent for this festival, performing their craft for the masses to enjoy on a crisp fall day chock full of Omaha talent. There are going to be so many great vendors and music at this event that it’s hard to believe it was cultivated from scratch. Low turnouts, dives without candor, and crummy promotion have riddled many events from being successful, and there is nothing like wandering upon a vendor who is delivering truly Earthly goods. As far as the vendors this year, they are plentiful. Barnyard Boutique, the Boyd Girls, Coffee Diem, Starlight Candles and Gifts, Hopwood Antiques, Roadside Relics, 106 Vintage Co, Cactus Creek, Buttons are my Business, and True Blue Décor are just some of the folks on this list of great creators to visit; and speak to them about...

How HWA Can Keep You Covered!

At a time when clients are stressed out with moving, you can offer them “peace of mind.” Moving is one of the most stressful times in a homeowners’ life. Relocating homeowners already have added expenses when moving into a new home, which is why an unforeseen cost for the repair or replacement of a home’s appliances or mechanical systems can be daunting. With a 13-month home warranty from Home Warranty of America, homeowners can avoid the trauma and drama of unexpected home repairs, costly replacements or having to search for a reliable service technicians.

An HWA Home Warranty covers normal wear and tear on systems and appliances that breakdown during the coverage term. Optional coverage is available to customize the plan to fit your needs. Home warranties can be very beneficial and save homeowners money when coverage is understood and utilized for its intended purpose. HWA home warranties provide easy, reliable solutions for unexpected problems. There are no age restrictions on any home, mechanical system or appliance and we provide fast, reliable repair service with our national network of technicians.

Home warranties protect both buyers and sellers from the unexpected. Rather than swallowing the hefty costs of fixing a major system or appliance, homeowners can pay just a nominal fee to have the home warranty company send out a licensed technician to execute the repair or replacement. Home Warranty of America offers free Seller’s Coverage on owner-occupied listings for up to 180 days, with the option to renew.


Omaha’s Kinetic + Creative Energy Hive: The Mastercraft Building

What once was a target for those trying to steal from and loot the area, this is now a beacon in the neighborhood for artists, photographers, companies that provide IT services, and a general budding development of creativity. Anchored by tenants The Slowdown, Hot Shops Art Center, and, this is the northernmost area of downtown Omaha that is absolutely gaining attention after post-renovation efforts. It takes quite a bit to envision a space where a hotbed of talent all cohabitates and chips in on each other’s projects, and once accomplished, this is a task that many wish they could take credit for. Bob Grinnell is the developer behind this dynamic Omaha spot, which has been talked and written about nationwide by many hip and artistic publications. There are several dynamic tenants in this space that are changing the face of Omaha, and giving back a healthy creative dose of mojo and entrepreneurship while they are at it.

Mindmixer, CSM Group, and Vireo are some of the dwellers on the first section, as well as Dundee Venture Capital and Hoover Studios. Dundee Capital’s focus on eCommerce and web services makes them stand out and be more relative than ever to the digital climate, and Vireo is a firm where certified planning and design takes center stage. Tat’s Nailz is an innovative tenant that offers services for digital nail imaging, and aspires to improve the quality of fashion around the globe. Edison Creative is a very hip Midwestern think tank that transforms stories through graphic motion and streaming video, and has worked with clients such...

West Omaha Happy Hour Hunt: Charleston’s

If you’re just getting off from a long day in the cubicle at Yahoo or any of the other companies that proudly occupy the West Dodge corridor, you’re going to be thirsty, hungry, and looking for a place that rocks. Especially after a particularly hard dose of extra duties, added amount of spreadsheets, and heaped emails in your inbox, you’re bound to have a craving for a beverage that will ease you pleasantly on into weekend mode. Staples like the French Dip and Rueben are here along with the welcome Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club, a great week-ender that has seasoned chicken, avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese and honey mustard in a delicious creation to put something in your stomach before perhaps belting out some karaoke down the way. The Shrimp Cargot and Spinach Artichoke Dip are prime offenders for best appetizers for Charleston’s, ideal for chomping on something while you’re indulging in suds.

Speaking of beer, Sam Adams, Stella Artois, Guinness, Boulevard and more are waiting for you on tap here, with an inclusive wine list to boot. Penfolds, Fetzer, and wonderful Coppola from California are among the red offerings. For the discerning taster in you and pairing well with meat dishes, Ferrari Carano and Simi are offered on the Cabernet spectrum, along as Fetzer and Levit8. For a Chardonnay angle in your happy hour hunt, there is a Sonoma Cutrer from Russian River, and Estancia and Kendall Jackson. The ultimate tribute for starting a relaxing weekend and truly calling it a day, there’s nothing quite like a glass of wine for the...

Applejack Festival in Nebraska City; Celebration of Heartland Harvest

From September 19th to the 21st, in Nebraska City, the ever-historic Applejack Festival is taking place, and will draw over 60,000 people to this picturesque Midwestern town. Donuts, pie, cider, candy apples, fritters, salad, and many other scrumptious treats can be found at this premiere heartland taster’s paradise. This is as traditional and hearty an event as could be; a classic car show, carnival rides for the whole family, and proud Midwestern sponsors. While you are here, there are tons of other things to do in Nebraska City! The Finders Keepers Antique Mall, Table Creek Golf Course, Museum of Firefighting, Steamboat Trace Bike Trail, and the Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard just to name a few. On Friday when the festival kicks off, there are Applejack Savings at Pendleton Outlet, free Bank Tours at Farmer’s Bank, and a large giveaway/sale event at Warehouse Antiques @609.

At 5pm, Bethel United Church will have the annual Heritage Needlework Guild’s Quilt and Needlework show, an event full of tradition and great conversation. At the same time on 6th street, the Apple Jam Carnival opens, full of rides and open till midnight. At 9 that night, Back Forty will take the stage in the Sunken Parking Lot between 7th and 8th street, for everyone in the mood to rev up the beginning of the weekend with some energetic live music. The first night of three can sometimes be the time you want to come with the whole family, to kick off the extravaganza when spirits are high and the community is alive with the fruits of harvest. The next morning after the large celebration from 7 until 10am,...

Granite or Quartz; Which one is right for You?

There is one decision for homeowners that sometimes takes the most time of any on the long check list of options. When it comes down to doing your countertops, it always seems to boil down to two major materials in the running. When spending time in the kitchen or entertaining guests, after searching many internet sites and looking at many examples, new home owners, people renovating, getting ready to flip, or just make their existing environment more comfortable are trying to narrow down their choices. Here we’ll take a look at which one could be right for you in your ultra-thought through countertop overhaul. Sometimes during a showing or a meeting that may decide the final decision for either party, the granite or quartz question is really the deciding factor on what choice is made for the kitchen. There are pros and cons of both materials, and the reviews can get confusing as they will try to sway the reader in either direction.

Quartz countertops are known overall as being a bit more flexible. Many installation professionals prefer quartz, and it is one positive as far as the duel-off between the two. Quartz is known to need much less sealing, another selling point of the material when it comes right down to it. The stain resistant element of quartz is another selling point; a quick wipe clean can take care of a wine spill or anything else. In the vast realm of real estate and showing homes, one element of quartz that is sometimes discussed is the sunlight exposure issue. After a lot of time even with just a fraction of the surface exposed, a color difference can take place. Many consumers...

A View in Fontenelle Forest; The perfect Wedding and Event Location

When it comes to planning weddings and events, the one desire that stands out in every customer’s mind is to make it simply unforgettable. In one of the industries that is still thriving, there is massive competition, and the location in which you plan your biggest day ever needs to stand out from the rest to make sure that your memories are the warmest they could be. In an area of Bellevue that looks just as enchanted as Connecticut and where the thick woods stir the deep romantic in you, this is one prime venue to have your big day or other event take place. Fine attention to detail, an 1800 square foot deck overlooking a world class golf course, and 80 ft tall windows that really give you the sensation as if you are nearly having your event in the outdoors are here to aide you in ringing in your celebration.

The bridge that crosses the sparkling pool provides an entirely separate photo opportunity for the newlyweds, and the golf course itself is in prime appearance from spring until the fall months. The way that the floor is laid out here provides many decoration options, with an attentive staff and so much higher than average planners. Owners Steve and Brandi Goldapp make sure in every way that your event will make you happy, and this location is in essence booked all spring and summer long. Personally having attended two weddings here, they were both intimate and festive; the back deck was perfect for the ceremony and mingling at the reception. Attitude on Food was the caterer at both events I attended, and they wholeheartedly accommodated a vegetarian request with the utmost professionalism. Attentive bar staff, a lodge style entrance, and all the extras of a location in the Hamptons, this is a place that is going to wow you any time you choose to use their services.

The ceiling draping,...

Omaha’s Durham Museum; Rich Exhibits and a Story of History

Years back in the summer of 1929, construction began on this building, a true anchor in downtown Omaha’s landscape. Brilliantly designed by Gilbert Underwood, it is considered one of the first art deco terminals constructed in the nation, and displays an excellent carving on the exterior of 6 railroad workers each holding their respective tool. With a 65 ft high ceiling, the Suzanne and Walter Scott Great hall has massive cathedral windows, 6 exquisite chandeliers, and is an amazing site to behold. At one time the fourth largest railroad center in the country, it closed in 1971 to pave the way for Amtrak, and the gracefully aging building was given to the city of Omaha. In 1975, it opened as the Western Heritage Museum, displaying some private collections and a few small regional exhibits.

20 years later in 1995 is when the major restoration began, and $22 million was invested into a new deck, mechanical, electrical systems, and the illustrious gift shop right in front of the interior. Everyone raved about the décor, experience, exhibits, and train history found within. Models under glass, Smithsonian artifacts, and new additions to the building captivated visitors as this became recognized as a prime destination. During 2004, the Library of Congress held an inaugural exhibit in the new Velde Gallery, drawing more positive attention to the Omaha landmark. Institutions like the Field Museum and Smithsonian have exhibits and...

Alotta Brownies Bakery – Decadent Homemade Treats For Every Occasion

There is no better smell then that of fresh baked goods wafting through the air to assault your nostrils.  Even better is when the smell matches your expectations of what those goods will taste like. As a women who is constantly “watching her figure” – grow that is – I can not tell you how many times I have taken a bite of a delectable smelling baked good only to say to myself, “this is not worth the calories” and throw it away. That was before I had the goods from Alotta Brownies Bakery which is now my go to indulgence for special occasions!


So how did I find out about Alotta Brownies?  Well my husband is a self-proclaimed cinnamon roll snob and a few months ago he had a business meeting at Stories Coffee shop.  For those of you who haven’t been, Stories is a local Co-Op that is owned by 8 different business owners.  Alotta Brownies whose main location is in Fremont, is one of the owners and sells her mixes, baked goods and cinnamon rolls out of there. Having never said no to a cinnamon roll in his life, my husband had to try one and it was love at first taste!


For a few months after, we went to Stories when we could steal a breakfast away from the kids and treat ourselves to a cinnamon roll.  At the time we didn’t even know where the rolls came from, just that they were amazing.  However, in April we were ramping up for our sons second birthday bash and as we sat in Stories enjoying our Cinnamon Rolls, we realized we STILL had not ordered a cake. That is when we met Michelle, the owner of Alotta Brownies Bakery and realized that not only did she make these amazing rolls, but she also made cakes, brownies fresh bread and so much more!


We ordered a birthday cake from her for my son’s...

Where to Rest your Head for a Night Away in Omaha

From the great food and film locations in Midtown, to the charm of the Old Market, or a sales/tech update meeting with any of the companies moving here in droves, at some point you will want to book a hotel stay in Omaha. Two years ago, the Olympic swim trials were held here, and the existing College World Series crowd gives us a tremendous economic boom every year. With colleges like Creighton and great music and arts neighborhoods like Benson, there is no shortage in a need for luxurious, practical, and convenient places to stay. We drew up a short list of the best hotels in Omaha. From the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge to Werner Park and the prosperity of Papillion, you’ll have plenty to keep you absorbed while you’re here.

Hotel Deco XV                                                                                                               

Absolutely known in most circles as Nebraska’s boutique hotel with the highest peak of luxury, great personalized offering of services, and downtown location, the Hotel Deco is always raved...

Stories Coffeehouse; The Entrepreneur’s haven of Cordial Creations

Opening last July at 180th and Pacific in the Spring Ridge Shopping Center, this well decorated and stocked West Omaha spot is a great local success story. Owner Melissa Stephens had always had some over the top entrepreneurs in mind when she envisioned an atmosphere where all the collaborators and contributors could learn from each other and bond together. Two pastry chefs, a popcorn guru, and a chocolate aficionado all share a space that everyone is flocking too and enjoying by leaps and bounds. Other delights here are a cookie business and caramel apple maker. A definite hotspot, it has also become a haven for people to meet and chat, or host a networking group. When you set out to create a cozy place for customers, you really need to take strides to be above and beyond, and posses a character that people flock to.

Vintage desks, off the wall lamps, and shelves that have cards, chess and books to read all make this feel like an urban haven non characteristic of the area, the exact desired effect of the business. “Homemade by Amber” serves homemade hot meals that are fresh from the garden and reminiscent of Mom’s cooking that you love. “Alotta Brownies” within these storybook walls provides brownies, bars, cheesecake and deserts, and recently catering and lunches. “Noni’s Popcorn” is a delicious creator of maple bacon, butter pecan caramel, winter spice, and white chocolate carmel corn. A true local favorite, everyone in ...

Cure for Cupcake Cravings; Jones Bros now has West Omaha Location

Many Cupcake, wine, and food aficionados are going to be excited about this! Now with a location on 180th and West Center, Jones Bros is a local favorite for Cupcakes and Coffee and also has an extended breakfast menu. The coffee on deck here is George Howell Terroir, and the baristas have killer training and brewing skills. The cupcake flavors are all to die for; items like turtle brownie, red velvet, good ole vanilla, and decadent New Year are just some of the offerings available that all the patrons at the Aksarben location craved daily. It only makes sense that those a little further West would want to have a close go at this awesome and funky spot. The Last time in we sampled a chocolate mint and smores options, the flavors of the day on Wednesday. Noticing that the root beer float flavor was on tap for Fridays, I realized that it could surely be at the top of my list for an excursion.

Some don’t realize that wine offerings really do go with cupcakes, as many Omaha natives discovered when Jones opened in Aksarben. German Rieslings, California Zinfandel, and organic Oregon Pinot are some of the pairings you can get your hands on here. From Noisio Spa Mezzocorona Italy, the Pinot Grigio-Barone Fini is also a great choice. Pledging to offer the freshest ingredients available, there are soups, salads, and scrumptious desserts made daily at Jones; one of my favorites is the Southwest Salad, with chipotle chicken, black bean and corn relish, and avocado ranch with crispy tortilla strips. For deli sandwich selection, there is the turkey club, ham and swiss, roast beef, vegetable, and 4 cheese margherita. The margherita has sliced heirloom tomatoes, basil, a 4 cheese blend and milk mozzarella. The roast beef is a primo London Broil roast beef with lettuce, tomato, horse radish mayo and provolone...

Turner Park at Midtown Crossing; Summer events for Everyone

World class and Midwestern proud, Turner Park lies underneath the beautiful Midtown crossing condo development. This is one area that anyone looking for outdoor entertainment will not want to skip over, with a full summer itinerary for families, singles, or anyone with a craving for fresh air. Hip happenings like “Yoga Rocks the Park” are perfect for enjoying this lush and eco friendly space. Sundays at 4pm and open to the public, this fun kick off your shoes event also features live music with acts like Talking Mountain, Dub Sutra, and DJEM. One of the things that folks attending enjoy the most is also the organic food vendors, and instruction is provided by local pros such as Lora Haase and Tina Porter. Tons of well toned participants flock here on beautiful Omaha days, and there are even instructors to keep the kids busy as well.

In the excellent retail area adjacent to the park, every Wednesday after 4 pm in the warm season is ladies night, with retail therapy, drink specials, and great promotions from the world class vendors. Awesome jewelry shops like The Afternoon and ultra hip wine vendor Brix have promotions for women, as well as buy one get one free at Cold Stone Creamery and free tastings at Chef 2. Also on the warm weather agenda are movies on Monday at sunset; last year family favorites like “The Goonies” and “Jaws” were...

Kona Grill Restaurant at Village Pointe, A great place for Valentine’s Day!

It’s not just the sushi, voted the best a couple times over, but also the happy hour voted four years in a row. The Kona Grill at Village Pointe in Omaha specializes in island tastes, sushi, sake, flatbread, and so much more. You can get Kirin Ichiban on draft here, which just for starters is a big, big plus. Yes, it gets crowded and yes it is a chain but there are definitely some special things going on with the food here worth notice. Sake is an art form, something that is drank among businessmen, comrades, and simply those who love a little zen in their winding down drink. I prefer the diamond, which is the dry, light junmai sake. This is probably THE best place in Omaha for sake bombs and I’m pretty sure you get like 4 shots and a beer for ten dollars; not shabby in the least. Another favorite amongst patrons is the bubblegum saketini, which has Three Olives bubble vodka, sake, strawberry, sprite, and sugar rim. Also here is another tired traveler or foot mall pedestrian’s favorite; Fuji Apple. This is a really wonderful tasting apple flavored sake that will bring a newcomer’s taste buds back for more; as quick as you can hang ten on the North Shore of Hawaii itself.


The gluten free, vegetarian and vegan offerings here are more than you could ever expect about 15 years ago in the Midwest. Among the offerings are the Kona house salad, big Kahuna cheeseburger, the turkey filet, grilled salmon, and one of my friends’ absolute favorites, the miso-sake marinated sea bass. Everything...

Homes for Sale in the Grove, Omaha are In High Demand

You’ve heard it a thousand times, location, location, location, and when searching for a Home for Sale in Omaha, NE with a great location, one should certainly consider The Grove.  The Grove Sits less than a half mile off major thoroughfare West Dodge Road, just west of 180th St. The Grove is less than a three minute commute to Village Pointe Shopping Center a popular West Omaha Destination with lots of unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options.  The are many options that you can consider when looking for a Home for Sale in the Grove, in Omaha Nebraska. There are many options under the $300,000 price point and you can even find new construction in that price range offered by one of Omaha’s premier homebuilders Cambridge Homes. With less than a thirty minute commute to Downtown Omaha you won’t have to spend a ton of time in traffic regardless of where you work.  With a Hy-vee and a No Frills Fresh close by here are plenty of grocery options as well.

The Grove is Situated in Elkhorn South School District. One of the most sought after schools in the metro making it a very family friendly neighborhood as well. If West Omaha is where you desire to live, take a hard look at The Grove.

Currently there are 17 properties for sale in the Grove ranging in price form $219,000 to $325,000.  Each home has been on the market for an average of 32 days.  If you are interested in touring homes in The Grove, Please call us at 402-403-3750


Why You Shouldn’t Get Involved with A Dual Agency Contract

We are going to talk about this one from both sides of the coin.  The buyer’s prospective, and the seller’s prospective.  It doesn’t benefit either party and lets find out why.

The Buyer’s Prospective

So you have come to realize that working with an agent not only offers you a great level of convenience by allowing you to see multiple homes all in one string without trying to coordinate appointments with 10 different listing agents they have also been able to offer you some sound advice on what local homes of been selling for, what things make the neighborhood desirable/undesirable and many other things.  WELL THAT ALL STOPS.  The agent is no longer your advocate you agent becomes a paper pusher.  Your agent becomes nothing more than a facilitator to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.  Is this the service level you signed up for?  I think not.  But maybe you can save money if there is only one agent involved?  Maybe but doubtful, you have gone from having a skilled professional negotiating getting you the best deal to having no one.  9 times out of 10 if they are pulling for someone it is actually the seller for a couple or reasons.  Generally sellers and agents have had a longer relationship than a buyer and an agent and also, the home selling for more money makes the agent more money as well.

The Seller’s Prospective

So you’ve hired a professional...

Natural Grocers opens in West Omaha

Just east of 180th and West Center, the Vitamin Cottage’s fresh food and grocery store is finally here. This parent business was started in 1955 in Coors country, Golden Colorado; right by the spectacular purple mountains of the Front Range. Originally the focus was on healthy grain bread and door to door sales. As we get further and further along the realization of the different types of negative footprints we leave on the earth, minimal impact on the Earth’s ecosystem will become more pertinent. The focus here is on goods that have not been affected by herbicides, fungicides, and other preservatives that have been shown to be harmful to us. Going gluten and wheat free is great because our bodies are really not designed to handle these things, but not everything in Natural Grocers is gluten free. In fact one of the coolest things is wrapped Greek food from the Parthenon; right by the checkout aisles like gyros and hummus. Truly one of the best things in the store if you are headed right back to work and need something quick!

Every business wants to make a profit, but nutrition education plays a big part in the store. Even though not all of mainstream doctors and pharma agree, we have been poisoning ourselves for decades. Pure poison is what a lot of processed foods are causing. Intestinal problems like diverticulitis and other issues are laughed at, and things are said like “Oh yeah, you can get that if you have a bad bratwurst” or other item of food. The processed food on the shelves is truly killing America. When you are diagnosed with cancer, and you ask the doctor how on earth you got it, the...

Newspaper Advertising for Real Estate, Does it Work?

In the ever changing environment of today’s real estate and buying climate, there are a lot of questions to ask.  One most asked is if advertising in print media like newspapers is still worth it.  It used to be that you would pick up the newspaper, and look for “houses for sale” in the allocated section.  The descriptions in print were best written to draw the buyer in, with a broker’s or salesperson’s phone number in the ad.  For a while after the dreaded 2006 hit, real estate ads held up comparably to things like autos but one hard hit fact ruled them all.

That fact is that the one statistic from the National Association of Realtors was fairly damning:  87 percent of homes are now looked at, gleaned over and toured before contacting an agent over the web.  There are many reasons for this trend.  In smaller markets, say under 80,000 population or especially under 40,000, you may have success with the newspaper.  The reason being is that people drive around town and see the for sale signs in the yard but there are always those who on Sundays pick through the ads and see what they want to look at.  Then, they may get around to calling for a showing, moving slow…. Like molasses.  Other issues like if they are qualified or what happens then is all another part of the random deck of cards being dealt to us in today’s climate.

With use of the internet, the virtual tour is the first main advantage.  The savvy buyers who are moving in from another city are going to scope out every property as best as they can before calling for a showing.  Some pictures...

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